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Sphynx KingTM

Hairless Sphynx Bambino

Dwelf & Elf Kittens

Since 2002

Sphynx - Bambino - Elf - Dwelf

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Let Us Help You Turn Your Dream Kitten Into A Reality.

We are a Family Run Hairless Cattery Specializing In Sphynx, Bambino, Dwelf & Elf Kittens. Located in Nashville, TN. We spend the extra time loving and nurturing each tiny baby from the day they are born socializing and loving them so you will have the happiest, healthiest kitten you will find anywhere at any price. Our babies are the most loving, snuggling lil' cuddle bugs you will find. They spend their day right by your side. Snuggled under a warm blanket & giving you kisses.

All our kittens come fully weaned, litter trained, socialized, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered. Our 20+ years of raising and breeding just the right cats from around the world ensures we only produce the most amazing kittens for your family to love & enjoy for years to come. 


You only have one chance to get it right the first time...Please take your time and choose a responsible and knowledgeable long time hairless breeder with cats you would like to own yourself. Make sure that you Follow & Like us on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming litters & available kittens. If your lucky you might even find a kitten that is available now & that's great also!! 


Bald, rubber bald, sticky bald...Having blue eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes or odd eyes... Dwarf legged Bambinos & Dwelfs...Long legged Sphynx & Elfs...Short or tall, regular or curled ears... We have it all right here under one roof. We have multiple lines and can help you pick out the perfect hairless kitten for you and your family. We offer pickup in person, place your deposit in person as well as online payment options if your out of state.



Pickup in person is preferred but if you need us to help you arrange transport options we are happy to help. If you see an available kitten you are interested in feel free to message us on Facebook right now or Call/Text us anytime. We are very easy to work with and just want our babies to go to the best of homes and the best new owners to love on them and snuggle them at night. If that is you then you have found the right place to get your new naked kitty from!

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